Vincent McElhone

Stand-Up Plastics Sales, LLC is a sales organization offering customers many solutions for their needs in materials, manufactured parts, and services as well. Through the companies I represent, we are able to offer a wide range of materials, including extruded UHMW sheet and rod, Phenolic sheet and sheet/rod, extruded PTFE tubing, as well as thin gauge strip/coil made from Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, Polypropylene, and Acetal.

New Process Fibre 

We supply top quality materials for our non-metallic stamped products. We also offer this same assurance to customers who want top quality Thermoplastic Sheet Stock, Strips, and Continuous Rolls and Coils.

A large array of colors and/or color matching is available on certain materials. Standard colors available are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange and White.  Extrudes Nylon (6 & 66), acetal, HDPE, LDPE, and polypropylene, in sheet, strip, roll or coil form. Thickness ranges from .010" to .187". Material is available up to 38" wide (untrimmed), or slit to width as low as .500". Standard material colors and custom color matching are available.

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Universal Plastics

Our expertise lies in various plastics manufacturing processes including heavy gauge thermoforming, thin gauge thermoforming, pressure forming and vacuum forming.

Universal Plastics can meet your end-to-end plastics manufacturing needs – we offer in-house design & engineering services, tooling capabilities and a variety of secondary services to complement our custom thermoforming expertise. Our products and the industries we serve are continuously growing and range from plastic trays, plastic clamshell packaging, radomes, product housings, manufacturing aids & part protection for OEMs across aerospace, medical devices, electronics and numerous other industries.

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Artek Plastics

ARTEK is a manufacturer of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene with a purpose to produce and sell a quality, high performance polymer called Duravar-UHMW-PE.

We specialize in the making of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, also called simply UHMW-PE. The molecular weight of Duravar® far exceeds the industry requirements, making it durable and very reliable.  Duravar UHMW-PE products provide the combined enhanced physical properties of high abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction and excellent impact resistance to eliminate the traditional problems incurred in many industrial applications on a daily basis.

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BGM International

BGM manufactures and provides a comprehensive line of low cost, high quality plastics, thermoset laminates and sheet rod.

BGM International provides our distributor customers with a competitive edge by offering a comprehensive line of low cost, high quality thermoset laminates. Our standard products, such as G10/FR4, Canvas, Linen and Paper phenolic meet NEMA and Military specifications and are UL Approved. From sheet stock to sheet rod to cutting, BGM has it all.

- C-Grade Phenolic Canvas
- CE-Grade Phenolic Canvas
- G10/FR4-Grade Fiberglass Epoxy
- G10-Grade (Non FR4) Fiberglass Epoxy
- LE-Grade Phenolic Linen

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Dover High Performance Plastics are plastic fabrication professionals producing quality machined plastics moldings and custom plastic fabrication components. 

At Dover High-Performance Plastics, we consider how we deliver as equally important as what we deliver. As a custom plastic fabrication company, we utilize the latest technology in computerized equipment, dedicated engineers, and plastic fabrication professionals to consistently produce the highest quality compression molded and machined components found anywhere in the plastics fabricating industry. Custom plastic fabrication molding and machining are only two processes in the whole of what we have to offer. What separates us from the crowd is our service.

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Parker-TexLoc® offers fluoropolymer extrusions and profiles. Our custom extrusion processes specialize in precision tolerances for custom tubing and custom profiles of PFA, FEP, PTFE, ETFE, ECTFE, and PVDF™.

Custom tubing and custom profiles of TEXfluor® PFA, FEP, MFA, THV, PTFE, ETFE, ECTFE, and PVDF. Other high temperature materials we offer are PEEK™ and PEI ULTEM®

Parker TexLoc has long been considered the world leader in the manufacture of Innovative Fluoroplastic Tubing products. Our high quality products are used throughout the Chemical Processing, Aerospace, Robotics, Medical, and Semi-Conductor industries. 

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We Are the Key to Your Plastic needs

With over 30 years experience in the plastics industry, we are also able offer many variations in manufactured plastic parts such as stamped thermoplastics, rubbers and fibre ... thermoformed, vacuum formed and pressure formed parts for both thin and heavy gauge applications ... and custom fabrication and compression molded and machined parts made of all the high performance/ niche plastics on the market. Stand-Up Plastics Sales, LLC can help you source the material or part you need in all of your customer's specifications and markets, including aerospace, military, mass transit, electrical, medical, construction, automotive, as well as others.

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